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I AM WOMAN is a public, family friendly event. The organizers and or UMKC reserves the right to refuse and prohibit any products/services from being sold or distributed 
  • REMNANT staff, volunteers and partners are not responsible for any losses or damages of product or property associated with I AM WOMAN.
  • Event Vendors will comply with the following conduct and responsibility requirements:
    • Set-up must be completed 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
    • Please have a clean table covering for presentation.
    • No children or volunteers under the age of 11 please.
    • All Vendors must present and maintain their stalls in a professional, stylish and clean manner at all times.
    • Any boxes or packaging must be hidden from view and not impose on neighboring Vendors displays
    • Vendors must confine their displays and signs to their area.
    • Vendors are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition as they found it
  • FEES
    • The cost of the booth space is $50. The cost of the clases and food (covers 2 participants under your business) are reflected in this price. You may choose to take advantage of the classes/food at no additional cost to you or you can elect to by-pass it, however, the cost of the space remains at $50
    • Whereas a result of circumstances beyond our control, REMNANT cancels the event, payment from the event will be refunded in full, subject to a reduction for any costs which have been incurred as a result of special requirements by the vendor. 
    • No refunds will be made because of poor weather or attendance if the event is held.
    • All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE as they are used to promote the event. 

 Due to evening activities there will be VERY LIMITED drive-up access for tear down; vendors will need to come prepared with hand carts, etc. It is extremely important that vendors entering and exiting the building/Theatre are mindful that UMKC may have employees/students/staff in the area, so please follow the general rules of the UMKC Campus. 


  • At the time of check-in, vendors will be given area access instructions and booth location assignments.
  • After you have checked in you may begin setting up products and equipment.
  • Vendors will be provided 
    • 6' Table and 2 chairs 
    • Choice of 3 of 4 Classes
      • WANNA BE STARTIN SOMETHIN: Steps to starting and keeping a successful business
      • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Online vs. Storefront (which one is best for your business?)
      • TOO LEGIT TO QUIT: Legalizing your business (ficticious names, business licenses, taxes, etc.)
      • MARKETING (Social Media, Email marketing, product placement and advertising)
    • Vendor space is NOT secured until full payment has been received. Vendors will receive a confirmation email upon payment. 
  • APPROVED AND VERIFIED VENDORS (vendors that have been confirmed by a REMNANT  Representative), please fill out the form and make payment below. 

STEP 1: fill out the form below
STEP 2: make the payment by clicking the BUY NOW button below
Thank you for your submission for I AM Woman Business Expo. We will send a follow up email confirming your space shortly.
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